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About Us

We have moments in our life which inspire motivate and leave us little or no choice but to explore the new and redefine the old.


Hi I'm Brian Chase founder of MySmile MyWay a dynamic innovative dental service which is shaking up the status quo. Living and working in London all my life as a dental professional, I live and breathe all things different which often brings inspiration, innovation and vibrancy that works hand in hand within this amazing city. London life is real.


In 2018 I decided to move from my commercial dental laboratory and begin the journey to make dentistry more accessible and cost effective without compromising on quality. MySmile MyWay was born for real people by real people. Innovation and growth within digital dentistry has enabled the ability to pin point accuracy with faster work times and a huge amount of flexibility. I felt the timing was perfect to combine a new direct home service, without the need for a traditional dental surgery visits. We have absolutely risen to the challenge and offer customers a fantastic alternative to get direct dental treatment and advice all from the comfort of their home.

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