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Professional Whitening

Illuminate is the world's best professional whitening system as used in dental practices

Why Whiten With Us

we use

Super Sealed Reservoir Bleaching Trays

100% safe quality assured certified.

Same as used by dentist.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom, non peroxide whitening gels.

No hefty price tag.

Locks gel into place against teeth without any leakage.

Individually custom made whitening trays.

Powerful individual led blue light technology.

Standard Bleaching Tray

Standard Bleaching Tray
Bleaching Gel

Super Sealed Reservoir Bleaching Tray

Standard Bleaching Tray
Locks gel in place against teeth without any leakage. Maximizing whitening results.

Online U.K. registered dental professional support.

Excellent Long-Lasting Results.

Illuminate is the world's Leading Whitening System.

Easy to follow instruction.

Non-Peroxide Whitening Gels.

Gel Passes Through Enamel Breaking Down Stains.

Zero Sensitivity

Same Active Ingredients Used By Dentists.

Powerful individual blue light technology.

Advanced mini 16 light accelerator system.

Completely safe and easy to use.


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